Dog & Handler Information

Please print put and mail or e-mail me your responses at least 1 week prior to your seminar/lesson.

Download .PDF version here

Handler Name: _________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________

E-Mail: ________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________

Is this your first agility dog?  Yes __   No __

List titles put on other/previous dog(s): ___________________________________

Number of years you have competed in dog sports: ____

Dog's Name: ________________________________________

Age: ____   Gender: ____

Breed(s): ______________________________________

Number of years this dog has competed in dog sports: _______

Titles: ______________________________

What method did you use to teach this dog weave poles? (be specific) ________________________________________________________

What are your ultimate goals with this dog? _________________________________________________________

What are your goals today? ______________________________________________________________

What are your strengths as a handler? ___________________________________________________________

What are your weaknesses? ___________________________________________________________

What are your dog's strengths? ___________________________________________________________

What are your dog's weaknesses? ___________________________________________________________

Anything else you want to share?