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  • Seminars are usually one group of participants for eight hours with a 45 minute lunch break included.  Or they are two four hour seminars with a one hour lunch break in between the two sessions.

  • For hourly rates (less than an 8 hr seminar day) there is a minimum of 4 hrs if travel is more than 50 miles each way.

  • Type of seminar depends on what your needs are.  A large group (12 - 15) will contain lectures and small sequences with 1 or 2 handling elements in each sequence, whereas a smaller group will have more time on the equipment.  A good working size is 10 participants.

  • Seminars can also be broken into segments.  For example there could be 2 hr blocks of specific skills, such as weave pole entries, jump boxes, targeting, how to begin a course, or how to walk a course even.  In this case, handlers do not need to be competent on all equipment.  Click here to view some suggested seminar topics.

  • Preference is to work with intermediate or advanced groups.  Handlers and dogs must be competent on all equipment, but not necessarily at full height. Novice seminars will mostly concentrate on handling sequences utilizing jumps and tunnels, with little work on the contacts or weaves.

  • For pricing information, please e-mail me.


  • Private and semi private lessons are available upon request.  Many times I will stay an extra day or two to accommodate lesson requests.

  • Lessons are completely tailored to the requests of the participants. 

  • Contact me for pricing information.

Group Lessons

  •  Contact me for specific pricing for your needs.

Incidental Expenses

  • All expenses are additional and are paid by the host.  

  • For 2 or more days and you are further than 50 miles from me then I will expect to stay over.

  • Travel Reimbursement at $0.42 per mile plus tolls.

  • Photocopying is $0.05 per copy.


  •  Once a date is decided on, a deposit of 25% of the total cost for the day or weekend is required.  This is payable within 10 days after date is agreed on.  This is non-refundable unless I need to cancel. 

  • If your cancellation is received far enough in advance for me to rebook the date, all but 10% of the entire fee owed will be refunded.  

  •  I will notify you as soon as possible if I need to reschedule.   The deposit can be refunded, or put towards the new date.


  • A questionnaire will be sent out once we set up a date, or you can download it by clicking here.  The day goes by better if I have an idea of people's background, goals, etc.  To get the most out of my time, these should be completed and received at least one week prior to the seminar.

  •  No dog may be wearing a shock collar or a similar corrective device while at my seminars/lessons. 

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